National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Lighting Requirements
National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Lighting Requirements

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Lighting Requirements

Before any arena or field can play host to university competition games in the United States, there are principles set by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) that should be met. A piece of the norms remembers the lighting of games for the premise of the setting and the game that is being broadcast. A few prerequisites for certain games are treated underneath.


As per NCAA, all lights for ball games should have a standard variety temperature of 3,600 degrees Kelvin and a most reduced variety delivering record of 65. In any case, since the scenes utilized for the NCAA Division I competition are unique, where field houses, NBA fields and domed football arenas are utilized, the lighting prerequisites are not something similar. Field houses with the limit of seating around 10,000 observers require 125 foot-all in one led solar street light per square foot. NBA fields with seating limits of somewhere in the range of 15,000 and 20,000 require 200 while domed arenas that can situate around 70,000 observers require 250.


The significant determinant of lighting prerequisites for NCAA football match-ups is TV inclusion. Non-broadcast games require 50 foot-candles of light while games for territorial transmission require 75. In the event that a game will be communicated for public crowd, the lighting necessity is 100 while 125 is expected for title games.


Broadcast standard school hockey games are illuminated by 100 foot-candles yet Division I's Frozen Four and titles of lower divisions require 125.

Lacrosse and Soccer

Since lacrosse matches are normally played on soccer fields, the lighting conditions are something very similar. For a standard game, 50 foot-candles of lighting is required, 75 for a local transmission, 100 for a public transmission and 125 for title games.

Baseball and Softball

These two games additionally utilize a similar field which makes their lighting prerequisites to be something very similar. For standard games, the infield should be lit by 70 foot-candles and 50 for the outfield. Games that will be communicated provincially and broadly require 100 for the base ways and 70 for the outfield grass. For the term of title adjusts, the field requires 125 in the infield and 100 in the outfield.

Wrestling, Boxing and Volleyball

These three games utilize 80 foot-candles for each norm and territorial transmission, 100 for public transmission and 125 for titles.

Swimming and Water Polo

These two games require 50 foot-candles for standard matches or meets, 75 for local transmissions, 100 for public transmissions and 125 for titles.

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